We had the opportunity to present our project at the the international Rufford Small Grants Conference entitled  “Explore and protect the natural beauty of Balkans”, which was held in our country at Silver Lake, Serbia during 27th and 28th September 2018.

We participated with an oral presentation entitled „Unraveling the hidden corners of Serbian nature” with which we tried to bring our idea of “Hidden corners of Serbia” closer to other researchers.  The abstract from the conference is available at (together with other interesting abstracts of the other participants ): https://www.rufford.org/files/Serbia%20Conference%202018.pdf

This was an amazing opportunity to exchange ideas, get important feedback and discuss difficulties with other RFSG holders while establishing new connections and collaborations. The participants were researchers and RFSG holders working in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro,  Republic of Macedonia and even Turkey. The official website of the conference is https://epnbalkans.com/  , there you can read more about the participants and organizers and see the atmosphere in the conference gallery.